Polebrook Parish Council

Serving the people of Polebrook

Clerk: Mrs Jill Sardeson
Northview, 15 Main Street
Yarwell PE8 6PR

Tel: 07814 468044


The Parish Council is statutory consulted on all Planning & Licensing Applications that will be decided by the District or County Council. It has the right (separate from supporters & objectors) to speak at the planning meetings.

It is a qualifying body to undertake Neighbourhood Development Planning (a bottom up approach to planning policy).

For local development purposes, the National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF), the adopted North Northants Joint Core Strategy (JCS), the district Local Plan (1996) remaining saved policies and the parish's adopted Neighbourhood Development Plan (NDP) determine development in the parish.

Current Planning applications awaiting a decision from East Northamptonshire Council

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    T1 - magnolia - remove due to proximity to neighbouring building

    Stonelea Main Street Polebrook Northamptonshire PE8 5LN

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    Erection of a domestic stables, menage and extension of the exiting field track to the existing paddock

    Paddock And Woodland South Of Oundle Road Polebrook Northamptonshire

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    TPO 0085 T1 - Ash reduce by 3m to prevent failure into highway; T2 - Hornbeam reduce by 4m height and 3 m on laterals to prevent failure

    Woodland House Main Street Polebrook,Northamptonshire PE8 5LN

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    20/00609/VARVariation of Conditions 2 (approved plans) and 3 (materials) to allow revisions to scheme pursuant to 18/01820/FUL - Development and alterations to dwellinghouse2 Fergusons Close Polebrook Peterborough Northamptonshire PE8 5LH

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    Diversification of forestry/woodland management site for development and erection of 2 holiday cabins and 1 treehouse and the change of use of former air-raid shelter to sauna and ancillary services to aid the continued management of the site at Polebrook Airfield

    Land At Polebrook Airfield Lutton Road Polebrook Northamptonshire

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    Certificate of Lawfulness for proposed development/Use: Timber Orangery to replace existing conservatory

    17 Main Street Polebrook Northamptonshire PE8 5LN