Polebrook Parish Council

Serving the Parishioners of Polebrook

Clerk: Mrs Parish Council Clerk

Village Hall

The Parish Council are the Custodian Trustees of the village hall which is managed by the Polebrook Village Hall Management Committee.

Chairman Mr Chris Jones

Treasurer Mr David Rooney

Secretary Mrs Sara Maughan

The Committee meet three times a year, one meeting being the Annual General Meeting which is open to the public.

The charges cover the costs of electricity and water used during the hire period and the use of the Hall, Kitchen, Tables and Chairs.

Bouncy Castles can be accommodated (measurements maximum 9ft high, 15ft deep and 19ft long) but the lessee must have their own Public Liability Insurance.

The Hall is licensed for a maximum of 80 people

The Kitchen is well stocked with Crockery and Cutlery and 90 Chairs, 11 Rectangular Tables (75 cm x 150 cm) and 2 Square Tables (85 cm x 85 cm) are available in the Hall

These items can be hired separately by arrangement

  • Village Hall Hire Rates (PDF, 104 Kb)

    Hire Rates

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  • Draft Minutes of the Annual General Meeting of the Polebrook Village Hall Management Committee
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    Polebrook Village Hall Management Committee

    Draft Minutes of the Annual General Meeting of the Polebrook Village Hall Management Committee on Monday 8 November 2021 at 7.30pm in the Village Hall.

    1. 1. Committee members present:

    Chris Jones – Chairman

    David Rooney – Treasurer

    Sara Maughan – Secretary

    There were no other attendees.

    1. 2. Approval of Minutes of the General Meeting on 26 May and the Special Meeting on 31 August 2021

    These were approved by all.

    1. 3. Chairman's Report

    With sadness we must record the death of our Committee Member Jill Sardeson on 28 July.

    At the Parish Council meeting on 6 July, I updated the PC on the reopening of the Hall and made them aware of the Business Rates Grants received from NNC.

    The PC was told that the Management Committee was considering options to improve the Hall, including the installation of Storage Cupboards, the reduction of the height of the ceiling to reduce our energy costs and the repainting of all the window frames.

    The Council approved these ideas.

    The Hall has been fully reopened since the beginning of September without restrictions on numbers, social distancing or masks. However, the NHS "Catch-Kill-Bin" poster and the revised the "Keep the Hall Secure" poster remain in place and Hirers are advised to use their own discretion regarding Covid actions. The Hiring Agreement (now Rev 7 1st Sept 2021) has been revised to allow for the removal of restrictions on numbers, social distancing or masks but still contains some Special Covid Conditions including the Hall Covid Risk assessment for Hirers.

    Unfortunately, the Art Class run by Sarah Pendred left at the end of July – most of her attendees came from Oundle.

    Regular usage remains limited with Mr&Mrs Yates and the Oundle Wing Chun group on Tuesday mornings and evenings but has been boosted by the restart of the Brownies on 1 November – they plan to continue on term time Mondays.

    The Harvest Supper returned successfully in September and there was a Children's party in October with another booked for 13 November.

    There is a possibility that Table Tennis may restart.

    1. 4. Secretary's report

    Sara created a Questionnaire which was distributed at the Harvest Supper. There was one reply that strongly supported the need for redecoration of the Hall internally.

    1. 5. Treasurer's report

    The mandate needs to be amended to include Sara as an authorised signatory.

    1. 6. Charity Commission – Safeguarding

    Trustees Statements of Eligibility has been signed by all committee members.

    The Annual Return for April 2019-March 2020 was lodged on 08/12/2020. The return for April 2020-March 2021 is now due.

    Jill's name has been removed as a Trustee.

    1. 7. Correspondence

    Nothing to report

    1. 8. Matters Arising from previous minutes

    a) General Maintenance and Repairs

    The Storage Cupboards have been installed at a cost of £1110. The new Parish Council Clerk is using one of them for PC papers so the Cupboards are in immediate use.

    Full Internal and External Re Decoration. We will seek an estimate to see if this is feasible.

    Ceiling Height. This seems less important and Sara said it added to the character of the Hall.

    b) Key holders – A couple of the pre Covid users still have spare keys but the Guides key has been returned.

    c) Hire charges and marketing

    We agreed to retain the current charges.

    We discussed ways of promoting the Hall. We will get a mention in the December branches. Sara will investigate the possibility of our own website and possible links to Oundle sites. Chris will try to get a statement on the Village email.

    The Hiring Agreement has been updated (Rev 7 1st Sept 2021) – Chris will check it remains in line with ACRE Guidance

    d) Hall cleaning - working very well.

    e) Fire & Alarm system – Serviced on 11 June 2021.

    1. Any Other Business

    Nothing raised.

    1. 10. Next meeting

    To be considered for March 2022.

    Chairman's signature ……………………………………………………….