Polebrook Parish Council

Serving the Parishioners of Polebrook

Clerk: Mrs Parish Council Clerk

Village Hall

The Parish Council are the Custodian Trustees of the village hall which is managed by the Polebrook Village Hall Management Committee.

Chairman Mr Chris Jones

Treasurer Mr David Rooney

Secretary Mrs Sara Maughan

Trustee Mrs Jill Sardeson

The Committee meet three times a year, one meeting being the Annual General Meeting which is open to the public.

The charges cover the costs of electricity and water used during the hire period and the use of the Hall, Kitchen, Tables and Chairs.

Bouncy Castles can be accommodated (measurements maximum 9ft high, 15ft deep and 19ft long) but the lessee must have their own Public Liability Insurance.

The Hall is licensed for a maximum of 80 people

The Kitchen is well stocked with Crockery and Cutlery and 90 Chairs, 11 Rectangular Tables (75 cm x 150 cm) and 2 Square Tables (85 cm x 85 cm) are available in the Hall

These items can be hired separately by arrangement